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Golden Ring

5 days

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Sergiev Posad - Alexandrov / Kostroma-Moscow


5 (Sergiev Posad - Alexandrov, Myshkin - Uglich, Uglich – Borisoglebsky - Rostov, Rostov – Yaroslavl - Kostroma, Kostroma-Moscow)


Culture & History


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27 September 2018


01 October 2018




12 to 70 year olds

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  • Day 1

    Sergiev Posad - Alexandrov

    09:00 Start in Moscow: metro station VDNH, Parking - right of the hotel "Cosmos"
    09:15 Departure to Sergiev Posad. Sightseeing tour.
    10:30 Tour to the Trinity-Sergius Lavra: architecture, assumption and Trinity cathedrals in the interior.
    13:00 Lunch.
    14:00 Excursion to Alexandrov. A visit of the Alexander Kremlin - the residence of the first Russian Tsar Ivan the terrible. The architectural ensemble of the exhibition "the Tsar's court in Alexandrovskaya Sloboda", a family chapel and chambers of the Palace of Tsar Ivan IV, medieval cellars, exhibits "Alexander Sloboda. The legends and true stories" and "Aleksandrovskaya Sloboda XVII-XVIII centuries. Dormition cloister".
    Check-in at hotel "Posadskiy 3*" (reserve hotel: "Old Lavra 3*" Sergiev Posad).

  • Day 2

    Myshkin - Uglich

    08:00 Breakfast
    Departure to Myshkin. Myshkin is a kind of city-Museum of the Russian province, preserving ancient merchant's buildings in the city and a particular provincial way of life. The city was famous for its blacksmiths and potters. The people on the site of the modern Myshkin, lived in the V-III millennia BC. The town also existed, apparently, in the XII-XIII centuries, but was completely destroyed by the Tatar-Mongols in 1238.
    12:00 Sightseeing excursion program in Myshkin: walk of fame, the Uspensky Cathedral, the Museum "Russian Valenki" with exhibits "Len" and "Sisters and brothers boots", the house of crafts with forge and a pottery workshop.
    The Mouse Museum - the atmosphere of Royal life. Welcoming the king and Queen will tell how heavy the crown and teach how to protect yourself from cat misfortunes. You will be able to dip into the Royal coffers, and in the darkness the Tsar's menagerie you will see exotic living mice.
    15:00 Lunch in the restaurant.
    Departure to Uglich.
    16:30 “The Museum of urban life of XIX century" A Museum with over 3000 exhibits, talk about life, the manners and traditions of the Uglich people.
    17:30 "The Museum of the history of Russian vodka". Exhibition stands, Museum filled with all sorts of types of Russian alcoholic beverages from different cities of the country. Uglich is home to the vodka king - Pyotr Arsenievich Smirnov.
    18:00 Check-in at hotel "Chaika 3*" Uglich (reserve the hotels: "the Summit 3*" Myshkin).
    19:00 Dinner

  • Day 3

    Uglich – Borisoglebsky - Rostov

    Excursion program in Uglich: the beauty of nature the Volga areas and the grandeur of the historic sites. Sightseeing tour of the city.
    The Uglich Kremlin, the historical and urban core of the city. The Palace of Tsarevich Dimitrii ("Uglich princes") - the only surviving Foundation of the Kremlin building (15th century).
    The Church of Dmitry on the Blood built on the spot death of Tsarevich Dmitry. Inside paintings of artists of the late 18th century, detailing the event.
    Transfiguration Cathedral (interior) Cathedral of the city of Uglich, located in the heart of the Kremlin.
    Assumption "Wonderful" Church of the Alekseevsky monastery here is kept the miraculous icon of the Mother of God.
    Departure to Borisoglebsk.
    Tour of the Boris and Gleb monastery, an architectural ensemble which is called the pearl of old Russian architecture of 16-17 centuries.
    Free time.
    Check-in at hotel "Selivanov 3*" Rostov Veliky ("Moscow trakt 3*" - back to the hotel).

  • Day 4

    Rostov – Yaroslavl - Kostroma

    09:00 Breakfast
    11:00 Excursion to the Rostov Kremlin, the residence of the Rostov bishops and metropolitans. (architecture of the Rostov Kremlin * the exterior).
    The architectural ensemble of the Rostov Kremlin, the decoration of which is the assumption Cathedral (XVI century) with a unique bell tower, which is completely preserved set of 15 bells, Bishop's court, Cathedral square and the Metropolitan's garden.
    The exhibition "Walls and passages of the Rostov Kremlin" (small transitions).
    13:00 Lunch in the restaurant
    14:00 Departure to Yaroslavl.
    Tour in Yaroslavl with a visit to Spaso-Preobrazhensky monastery. The Church of Elijah the Prophet (exterior).
    You will learn the history of Yaroslavl, you will see the Strelka of the rivers Volga and Kotorosl, the assumption Cathedral, stroll through reconstructed to 1000-anniversary of city's Volga embankment, view unique architectural ensemble of the Central part of Yaroslavl, a UNESCO world heritage site.
    The Spaso-Preobrazhensky monastery (XII) - the city's main attraction. Through reinforced walls called the Kremlin. The main Cathedral of the monastery – the Transfiguration (XVI century) original painting, is the oldest of the extant churches of Yaroslavl. At the end of XVIII century there was discovered the manuscript of a masterpiece of ancient Russian literature "the Word about Igor's regiment".
    The Church of Elijah the Prophet (interior in the summer, outside in winter) - an outstanding monument of architecture of the Yaroslavl school of architecture of the XVII century; chapel of, famous Yaroslavl merchants, brothers Skripins.
    18:00 Departure to Kostroma.
    19:00 Check-in at hotel "Azimut 3*" the city of Kostroma. Rooms category "standard". ("I 3*" Yaroslavl - back hotel).
    20:00 Dinner

  • Day 5


    07:00 Breakfast
    09:00 City tour in Kostroma. Familiarity with merchant city that has preserved the original architectural ensemble of the shopping malls of the 18th century.
    Inspection of the Central square ("pans") and the fire tower of the 19th century.
    The Ipatievsky monastery (Trinity Cathedral, crypt or chambers of the Romanov boyars) - the main symbols of Kostroma, the cradle of the Romanov dynasty. Among the treasures of the Ipatiev monastery – a unique Psalter, the Gospels and service books in precious robes and salaries.
    Visit Epiphany Anastasiin monastery which houses the miraculous icon of the Fedorov mother of God (13th century) and other monuments and temples.
    13:00 A half-hour boat trip on the Volga (from 17 may until 20 September).
    Museum "Jewelry art" or "Museum of Flax and bark". Kostroma is called the "Jewelry capital of Russia" - more than one-third of all domestically produced gold and silver jewelry are doing here or the "Museum of Flax and Bark" is one of those museums that you can only find in such old cities as Kostroma. Here You will get acquainted with the technique yarn and weaving.
    14:00 Lunch in the restaurant.
    15:00 Departure to Moscow.
    20:00 Approximate time of arrival in Moscow (metro station "VDNH").

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