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Great Altai

10 days

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Novosibirsk / Novosibirsk


3 (Novosibirsk, Altai, Novosibirsk)


Culture & History


Any day


30 September 2018


09 October 2018




7 to 70 year olds

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Great Altai Great Altai Great Altai Great Altai Great Altai


  • Day 1


    Exposure to Altai, The Patmos lake, Chemalskaya HEPP (Hydroelectric
    power station)
    Meeting of the group takes place in Novosibirsk, transfer Novosibirsk – Elanda.
    Camping site accommodation. Dinner. After it we will go to Chemal to see
    singularly beautiful place – Isle of Patmos surrounded by gushy mountain
    streams of the Katun river flowing over the rapid rocky sides of the Isle running
    into Chemal River. Here you can clearly see the place where the waters meet
    because the colour of Katun water is turquois and Chemal is dark brown coming
    near to black. Suspension bridge is the only way to reach the Isle. There is a
    working nunnery on it. Then we will look at Chemalskaya HEPP, return to camping
    site and have an evening meal.

  • Day 2


    Rafting. Kamyshlinskiy Waterfall. Ancient people caves. Beegarden.
    There is no time to be bored today! After the dinner we will go to the staged
    waterfall of Kamyshlinskiy in a fast motorboat. You will be able to take some
    colourful shots and taste some famous altai cold-smoked grayling. After that
    Tavdinskie caves will bring us back to the neolithic age where about 1000 years
    ago ancient people lived. Then we will go to the world-famed bee-garden
    «Zolotoy uley» (Golden beehive) where you will observe how honey is made up.
    We also uncorked a surprise for you – health-giving rest on beehives! In the
    evening we will have tasty evening meal around bonfire and will compare notes.

  • Day 3


    Gorge of mountain ghosts. Petroglyphs. Oroktoyskiy maral
    We will visit mountain ghosts gorges where ancient altai people preyed to their
    gods to help them at their children birth, curing diseases, etc. This place is imbued
    with strong energy. During our guided tour you will see Stream of health, small
    staged waterfall, ancient cliff petroglyphs and go up to the skydeck. After the
    dinner we will go to the deepest canyon of the Katun river and maral farm. Here
    you can take famous maral extract baths which will energize you with vivacity,
    health and will fortify your immune system.

  • Day 4


    The city of Craftsmen. Horse riding tour.
    This day starts with trip to the city of Craftsmen where you can meet work of the
    local craftsmen. After dinner we will take horse riding tour where everyone can
    enjoy the horseback riding and we will build our castle to please the mountain
    ghosts. In the evening we will take banya (Russian sauna) and tasty evening

  • Day 5


    Journey to Chuya highland. Kalbak-Tash archeological complex.
    We are leaving camping site and proceed into the heart of Altai to the new journey! After climbing up the mountains we will get to know one of the most
    difficult mountain roads – Chike-Taman highland pass from where the astonishing
    view appears. We will find legendary Silk Road which was used by the merchants
    from China and Mongolia. We will visit the greatest landmark of cave art in Altai
    counting more than 5.000 cave paintings

  • Day 6


    The Chuya river canyon. Off day. Rafting. Horse riding.
    An off day. Today we will hike to waterfall to see stunning view of the wild Chuya
    river hiding in the deep canyon. Everyone wishing to raft can go rafting as well.

  • Day 7


    The Valley of the Kings. Pazyryk burial mounds. Katu-Yarlyk
    highland pass.
    After dinner we will start our trip. Our way lies trough gorge between rocks. We
    will visit Krasniye Vorota (Red mountain gate), unique mercurial lake and mystery
    Pazyryk burial mounds in the Valley of the Kings where Scythian graves are.
    According to the scientists' researches some of the burial mounds are more than
    20 000 years old. Pazyryk burial mounds is one of the most mystical and
    mysterious places of Altai Mountains. According to the ancient myths only chosen
    ones could come here: kings and shamans. Katu-Yarlyk skydeck is considered to
    be the most beautiful place in Altai mountains.

  • Day 8


    Journey to the greatest Uchar waterfall.
    Today we will go to the greatest staged waterfall in Altai – Chulchinskiy (160m).
    Such a wonderful view is impossible to ignore! We should put on comfortable
    shoes as we will hike among the mountains (11 km). The tour will take the whole
    day but the views which will be discovered on our way will make you forget all the
    difficulties. If the weather changes we will replace the tour with a ride to Kurkure
    waterfall. In the evening you will have an evening meal, banya and night at
    camping site.

  • Day 9


    Rocky mushrooms. The Teletskoe lake.
    Forget about all the physical laws! You will see unique creation of nature – rocky
    mushrooms of Ak-Korum mountain area. You will also see stunning landscapes of
    the Chulyshman river valley. We will cross the valley and reach to the southern
    coast of the famous Teletskoe lake by motorboat. You will see Korbu waterfall, air
    stome impact location and will enjoy wonderful views of Altai nature.
    Accommodation in the camp site of Artybash village.

  • Day 10


    . Return transfer
    Transfer to Novosibirsk. On our way we will visit souvenir market from where you
    will be able to bring with you a piece of Altai!

What's included

  • Hotel

    Camping site accommodation

  • Transport

  • Transfer

  • Excursions

    Banya (Russian sauna) – 2 times

  • Equipment

  • Dinner

  • Guide


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