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Magnificent Moscow

4 days

≈ $145 per day





Moscow / Izmailovo Kremlin


4 (Moscow, Red Square – Kremlin – Armory Chamber, Tretyakov Gallery – Kolomnskoye, Izmailovo Kremlin)



Fixed date


27 September 2017


30 September 2017




18 to 70 year olds

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Magnificent Moscow Magnificent Moscow Magnificent Moscow Magnificent Moscow


  • Day 1


    Meeting the guide at the airport
    Excursion "Magnificent Moscow" that includes:
    Sightseeing tour of Moscow "Dear Capital", You will walk through the main boulevards, squares and streets which will tell you the history of the Russian Federation capital- Moscow. Vorobyovi Hill, Bagration bridge, Mosccow estate University, Poklonnayas Hill – memorial complex dedicated to the defenders World War II.
    Transfer to hotel.

  • Day 2

    Red Square – Kremlin – Armory Chamber

    Meeting the guide on the reception.
    Excursion "Ancient Capital" on The Red Square - the main and most beautiful square in Moscow.
    You'll hear an interesting story about the walls and towers of the Kremlin, the Mausoleum of Lenin, St. Basil's Cathedral and Church of Our Mother of Kazan. You will see the monument to Minin and Pozharsky, the execution place, the biggest department store building of our country and learn of its ancient history.
    Moscow Grand Posad China Town. China Town is one of the oldest historic areas in the center of Moscow. Within Chinatown there are such famous architectural monuments as St. Basil's Cathedral, the Resurrection Gate, Gostiny Dvor, GUM, etc.
    Excursion to Kremlin with a visit to the cathedral. Kremlin is the heart of the Russian capital. Its walls and towers, golden-domed cathedrals and ancient palaces stand high above the Moskva River forming a unique beauty and grandeur of architectural ensemble. Today the Kremlin is the residence of the President of Russia. Ensemble of Moscow Kremlin is included into the List of World Cultural and Natural Heritage. There are several magnificent cathedrals and temples, wonderful palace complex, the Arsenal, the Senate, the Tsar Cannon and the Tsar Bell on the Kremlin’s territory.
    Excursion to the Armory Chamber. Today the Armory is one of the most interesting museums in Moscow. It's a treasure trove of exhibits which have accumulated for centuries in the Tsar's and Patriarch's vestry. Some of them are made in the Kremlin's workshops, others were gifts from the rulers of foreign powers. Passion for collecting was famous for almost all the rulers of the Romanov dynasty, thus today we can admire the unique works of Russian and foreign artists in the Museum.
    The climb to the viewing platform of the Children's world with views of the Kremlin and Red square and fabulous light projection on the walls of the atrium.
    Transfer to the hotel

  • Day 3

    Tretyakov Gallery – Kolomnskoye

    Meeting the guide on the reception.
    Excursion "The Citi of Arts." The history of Russian Arts pastrons, their life asnd worktime in Moscow. A walk along the famous "Hermitage" Garden, well known for the film "Pokrovsky Gates". Stories about the private opera of Mamontov, the Moscow Art Theatre, the life and work of Stanislavski, about the theatrical life of Moscow. Walking through Zamoskvorechye. Zamoskvorechye is the oldest district in the city center of Moscow, situated on the right bend of the Moscow River.
    Excursion to the Tretyakov Gallery. The history of Russian philanthropy in Moscow, the great artists and poets.
    The State Tretyakov Gallery is one of the largest museums in the world. Its popularity is nearly legendary. Thousands of people each year come to the National Museum of Russia to see its treasuresTo see her treasures, hundreds of thousands of people each year come to this National Museum of Russia - the biggest collection of Russian art such as Repin, Surikov, Shishkin, Vasnetsov, Levitan, Vrubel and Serov.
    A tour of the Museum-estate Kolomenskoye "sovereign's court". From the XIV century Kolomenskoye was the country estate of the great Moscow princes and Russian tsars. Kolomenskoye – a unique historical place where for many centuries was created, gathered and kept the relics of the Russian people.
    Tour to the Palace of Alexei Mikhailovich "Eighth wonder of the world". The Palace, called by his contemporaries the eighth wonder of the world, preserved in folk memory and numerous documents, diaries, inventories, graphic sheets, paintings, dimensioned drawings and models in the archives and museums of Russia and Western Europe. The Palace is distinguished by a high level of craftsmanship, the decorative and sonorous bravura of the artistic polyphony provided a variety of applied techniques and materials. Together they create a festive, upbeat feeling that is akin to a fairy tale.
    Transfer to the hotel

  • Day 4

    Izmailovo Kremlin

    Breakfast. Check-out.
    Meeting the guide on the reception.
    Sightseeing tour to Izmailovo Kremlin. - Cheap popular gingerbread Izmailovo Kremlin appeared in Moscow just recently – all the construction was completed in 2007. The architectural ensemble is recreated according to old engravings and sketches, and represents a stylised residence of Tsar Alexei Mikhailovich. Walk around the area makes you feel that you have become a cartoon character in the spirit of "the tale of Tsar Saltan": colorful patterned roof and turrets seem to be made of dough and sugar.
    Visit to Vernisage. Lunch
    Transfer to the airport.


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