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Majestic Karelia

2 days

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Petrozavodsk /


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Culture & History


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30 April 2018


01 May 2018




16 to 70 year olds

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Majestic Karelia


  • Day 1


    08:30 Arrival by train from Moscow. Meeting with the guide. Breakfast in the restaurant.

    09:30 Transfer to Kondopoga, the second largest city in Karelia (50 km). Visit of the ancient wooden Church of Assumption. Built in 1774 the church of Assumption represents traditional Russian wooden architecture. Of great interest are the original 18th century icons.

    11:30 Transfer to the Kivach Nature Reserve. Upon arrival excursion in the Kivach Nature Reserve. You will visit waterfall Kivach, which is the second plain waterfall in Europe, the nature museum, and dendrarium, where you will get acquainted with typical local flora and fauna and with rare plants like Karelian birch.

    12:15 Arrival at Marsial Waters Spa. The water, rich with iron, was discovered in the area in the 18th century. Afterwards Peter the Great ordered to erect the first Russian spa on this territory. In the Soviet time it was the best sanatorium in Karelia and till today this is a very popular place. Of great importance are not only the healing springs, but also the tranquil atmosphere and unique microclimate of the area. Tasting of water from 3 healing springs. Lunch in the restaurant afterwards.

    13:45 Transfer to Petrozavodsk.

    15:00 City tour of Petrozavodsk. Petrozavodsk was founded by Peter the Great in 1703 on the banks of Lake Onego, in the first place as an iron factory and quarrying centre. The city, now capital of Karelia, has fine examples of the 18th century Neo-Vlassical architecture. The city tour covers the main sights, as well as a walk along the embankment of Lake Onego. Photo stop near the monument to Peter the Great.

    17:00 Accommodation. Free time.

  • Day 2


    Breakfast at the hotel. Check-out.

    09:30 Meeting with the guide. Today we will get acquainted with the culture and traditions of Karelians, who are one of the indigenous peoples in Karelia. Departure for Pryazha, where the cente of Karelian culture is situated (40 km).

    Upon arrival you will visit the exhibition, devoted to the history and traditions of Karelian people. Afterwards you will get acquainted with Karelian symbols of love, well-being and happiness. Using these symbols you will create your own pattern and decorate a blank shopping bag with the print. This bag will be a nice unusual souvenir from Karelia. While the pattern gets dry, you will have lunch and tea with Karelian pies. After lunch we head to ancient Karelian Kinerma Village.

    14:30 Meeting with Nadezhda, local resident of Kinerma Village. Thanks to Nadezhda the village became a unique monument of traditional wooden architecture. She did not only win several grants for the restoration of ancient houses, but also preserves the village in a traditional Karelian style. In 2016 Kinerma got the status of the most beautiful village in Russia. Excursion around the village. Departure for Petrozavodsk (100 km).

    17:30 Arrival at the railway station in Petrozavodsk.

  • Day 3

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