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New Year Fairy Tale Tour

7 days

≈ $143 per day

$1 000




Novosibirsk / Novosibirsk


3 (Novosibirsk, Altai, Novosibirsk)


Culture & History


Fixed date


30 December 2018


05 January 2019




7 to 70 year olds

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  • Russian
  • English

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New Year Fairy Tale Tour New Year Fairy Tale Tour New Year Fairy Tale Tour New Year Fairy Tale Tour


  • Day 1


    Transfer. Exposure to Altai.
    Meeting of the group at Novosibirsk. Transfer from Novosibirsk to Chibit. The road
    goes along famous Chuysky tract across two magnificent highland passes –
    Seminsky (1717m) and Chike-Taman (1295m). Chuysky tract is one of the 10
    most beautiful world roads according to the UNESCO version. On arrival we will
    arrange accommodation at Kochevnik camp site (nomad camp site). Then follows
    rest, preparation for the holiday, coming together and dinner.

  • Day 2


    Today we will visit Kalbak-Tash archeological complex, which holds more than
    5000 cave drawings from the Neolithic to the ancient Turkic epoch. The
    monument territory has the biggest collection of Rune text in Russia - 30 lines of
    th unique inscriptions that go back belong to IX-X centuries. Kalbak-Tash was
    considered by ancient people a sacred site, they used it as observatory and
    temple. In the evening we will have an archery competition, festive dinner and
    the New Year program (on Christmas arrival, the program will be moved to the
    Christmas Eve night). At night we will perform the ritual of desires
    accomplishment; so that in the New Year all your dreams would have Power and
    Intention. It is well-known that the places of Power have ability to make even
    impossible dreams come true, as the most powerful spirits of Altai Mountains will
    be helping you!

  • Day 3


    . North-Chuysky Mountain Range, a Day of Rest.
    Today is a day of rest after the festive celebration. You can admire the raging
    rough Chuya river in a deep canyon or take a horse ride to the waterfall along the
    North-Chuysky Range. After dinner – you can have a banya(russian sauna) with
    ice swimming (for those who are interested). In the banquet hall you will find a
    hookah, a warm Russian stove, hot grog / mulled wine, the ancient Altai rites.

  • Day 4


    Pazyryk Burial Mounds. The Kathu-Yaryk Highland Pass. The
    Valley of the Kings. Kalbak-Tash Complex. Chulyshman Valley.
    After breakfast we will be back on the road again. We will make our way across the
    most beautiful route along the Krasniye Vorota (Red Gate) - the narrow gorge
    between the red cliffs, behind which we will see the unusual geyser lake.
    Overcoming the Ulagansky Highland Pass we will get to the Pazyryk Burial
    Mounds - a burial place of ancient Scythian kings. According to the scientists'
    researches some of the burial mounds are more than 20 000 years old. Pazyryk
    Mounds is one of the most enigmatic and mysterious places of the Altai
    Mountains, filled with powerful energy. According to the ancient legends, only
    chosen ones kings and shamans- had access to it. Then we will have lunch on the Kathu-Yaryk Highland Pass. Further our road goes to Chulyshman River Valley,
    famous for the numerous famous waterfalls located there. Chulyshman is a
    popular place for rafting; the complexity of the water bariers here reaches 5-6
    categories. The river flows from the Shapshalsky Mountain Range of the
    Dzhulukul alpine lake at an altitude of 2.200 m above sea level and runs into the
    famous Teletsky Lake. It offers opens up fantastic views of the mountains.
    Nowhere else in the Altai you will find a place, so rich in waterfalls and lakes, the
    largest of which are Dzhulukul, Terenkol, Tadinkol and others.More than 300
    lakes are scattered around Dzhulukul like a necklace. All in all, Chulyshman River
    Basin has more than 1.200 lakes! Even in summer the water temperature in
    rivers and lakes does not rise above 10 degrees. In the evening - dinner, banya.

  • Day 5


    Today we leave the Kochevnik camp site and go to the Seminsky highland pass ski
    complex. This complex was founded back in Soviet times for founded back for
    training the USSR Olympic reserve training. The complex has a rope tow ski lift,
    ski and snowboard rental. The slopes are suitable for beginners and for
    experienced skiers as well as for snowboarders and freeride fans.
    On this day we offer you a free program: you can take a walk on the Seminsky
    highland pass slopes, enjoy the sparkling snow, complete silence and stunning
    views of the mountains or conquer the ski slopes. The price includes three meals a
    day in the camp site cafe.

  • Day 6


    A Day of rest. Free Program.

  • Day 7


    Excursion to the Swan nature reserve. This is an amazing place where wild swans
    stay for the winter. Transfer to Novosibirsk. Along the way we will visit souvenir
    market, where you will be able to get a small piece of the Great Altai as a

What's included

  • Hotel

    Camping site accommodation

  • Transport

  • Transfer

  • Excursions

    Banya (Russian sauna) – 2 times Sightseeing tours

  • Dinner

    Festive dinner

  • Guide


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