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Spring In Altai

5 days

≈ $143 per day





Novosibirsk / Altai


2 (Novosibirsk, Altai)


Culture & History


Fixed date


30 April 2018


04 May 2018




7 to 70 year olds

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  • Russian
  • English

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Spring In Altai Spring In Altai Spring In Altai


  • Day 1


    Presentation of the Altai. Patmos Island. Chemalskaya HEPP
    (Hydro-electric power station).
    Meeting the group at Novosibirsk. Transfer from Novosibirsk to Elanda. Arranging
    accommodation at the camp site. Dinner. After dinner we will go to Chemal to see
    an amazingly beautiful place – Patmos Island with a functioning nunnery. Steep
    and rocky island shores are washed by the fast-flowing waters of Katun, merging
    here with Chemal River. The place where the waters of two rivers meet is clearly
    visible – the water color of Katun is turquoise, and of Chemal – almost black. You
    can get to the island only through suspension bridge. Later we will admire the
    picturesque Chemalskaya hydro-electric power station. Return to the camp site,supper.

  • Day 2


    Rafting. Kamyshlinsky Waterfall. The Caves of Ancient People.
    After breakfast we will take a fast auto boat and will go along the impetuous Katun
    River to Kamyshlinsky cascade waterfall. You will experience a lot of extreme and
    breathtaking impressions. You can take spectacular pictures by the waterfall and
    try famous Altai grayling afterwards. Our next destination is Tavdinsky caves,
    which were inhabited by ancient people many thousands of years ago, during the
    Neolithic era. Then we will go to apiary, called the Zolotoy Uley (Golden Beehive),
    well-known all over the world, where you will watch, how bees make honey. We
    prepared a pleasant surprise for you – a wellness sleep on beehives! It will be the
    most unusual place for sleep you have ever had! In the evening we prepared for
    you a big fire, delicious dinner and exchange of experiences!

  • Day 3


    Gorge of Mountain Spirits. Petroglyphs. Oroctoysky Maral
    breeding household (Maralnik).
    Today we will visit the Gorge of Mountain Spirits, where ancient Altai people
    prayed to their Gods, asked for their help, healing of ailments and the birth of
    children. This place has a super powerful energy. During the excursion you will
    see the Stream of Wellness, small cascade waterfall, will find petroglyphs on the
    rock and will ascend to the observatory platform. After dinner we will travel to the
    deepest canyon of Katun river and visit a maral breeding household. Those who
    wish can take a bath with the famous Altai maral antlers, which will charge you
    with vigor and energy and improve your immune system.

  • Day 4


    The City of Masters. Horse Ride.
    We will start the day with a trip to the City of Masters, where we will get
    acquainted with art works of local craftsmen. After dinner we will have a horse
    ride and according to the old Altai tradition, we will build a castle for the Mountain
    Spirits. In the evening we will have banya (russian sauna).

  • Day 5


    Journey to Chuysky Tract. Kalbak-Tash Archeological Complex.
    We are leaving camping site and proceed into the heart of Altai to the new
    journey! We will go up high to the mountains, and see one of the most difficult
    areas of the mountain road – Chike-Taman Pass with an incredible view, opening
    from it, we will find the legendary Silk Road and will visit the biggest monument of
    cave-art with more than 5000 rock paintings saved.

What's included

  • Hotel

    Camping site accommodation

  • Transport

  • Transfer

  • Excursions

    Banya (Russian sauna) – 2 times Banya (Russian Sauna) - 2 times RaftingSightseeing excursion

  • Equipment

  • Breakfast

  • Dinner


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