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St. Peterburg / St. Peterburg


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Culture & History


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24 November 2018


26 November 2018




6 to 70 year olds

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St.Petersburg St.Petersburg St.Petersburg


  • Day 1

    St. Peterburg

    Meet with your guide at the Moscow railway station, near the bust of Peter the first: 08:00
    Lunch will be at 12:00 at city cafe after the last meeting.
    The theme of our city tour is "Three centuries of St. Petersburg" and will introduce important events in the history of the city. You will see the Winter Palace and Alexander column, General staff building, the building of Senate and Synod, the Academy of arts and Ostrovsky square with its monument to Catherine II.
    We continue with an excursion to the Kunstkamera, the first Museum in Russia, established by Peter I. The tour is a fascinating journey through countries and continents, that acquaints you with the culture and life of people all around the globe.
    Transfer to hotel, check-in. Free time for rest or if you would like to explore more transport is available for a trip out and back to the hotel.

  • Day 2

    St. Peterburg

    After breakfast we will go on a walking tour of "St. Petersburg’s Palaces and their Owners" which introduces you to the Palace buildings from different eras and the history of their owners. The tour shows you the human faces behind the stone of St. Petersburg and tells, how they lived, loved, worried, behind the lush facades of the buildings. Excursion to Yusupov Palace – one of the rare noble mansions of St. Petersburg, that has retained over time, not only the interiors of the state apartments, picture gallery halls, miniature home theater XVIII century, but also the luxurious living quarters of a legendary family that has preserved the warmth and charm of the former owners.
    Transport is not available during this exertion. You can continue explore the area on your own or choose one of the available additional options for excursions for extra charge:
    Excursion to the unique three-level Oceanarium, the largest in Russia. The Oceanarium is divided into seven climatic zones, representing the reservoirs in the North-West of Russia, the Amazon basin, tidal zone, coral reefs and a major marine aquarium with a 35-meter transparent tunnel. Price: ad. – 800 RUB., chld. – 650 RUB.

    The haunted labyrinth "Horrors of Petersburg" is an unusual project, in a maze with various halls in which visitors learn about all the terrible St. Petersburg stories and legends. Discover the mystical Petersburg: the death of Paul I, the death of Grigory Rasputin, the search by a Gogol officer for his nose, flying coat and revived the Queen of spades, the bloody conscience of Raskolnikov – all these mysterious legends come to life in this entertaining venue. Price: ad. – 500 RUB., chld. – 400 RUB.

    Night bus excursion "Bridges Hung over the Waters" to divorced over the Neva bridges. This is a very special experience, you will find nothing similar. Dim lights color the city's mystical light, allowing you to see it differently, to touch its secrets and to experience the fairy-tale palaces, parks, canals and bridges. Price: ad. – 1550 RUB., chld. – 1400 RUB.

  • Day 3

    St. Peterburg

    Breakfast and Check-out from the hotel.
    Excursion to Peterhof "Kingdom of Fountains" with a visit to the Lower Park of fountains. Often called the "Russian Versailles", Peterhof was built over two centuries by the efforts of many outstanding Russian and European architects. The whole Lower Park is decorated with fountains, which what makes Peterhof interesting and unique.
    Return to the city. Transfer to Moscow railway station (about 17:00).
    Transport is available
    For an additional charge:
    Country excursion to Kronstadt (after Peterhof) "City of sea glory" – a legendary city-fortress, a naval base of the Baltic fleet in the Gulf. During the tour, on the road you we will share the history of formation of the dam and its construction. We will visit the Petrovsky dry dock, Kronstadt seamark, Anchor square, Naval Cathedral, the monument to Peter I.
    Price: ad. – 1000 RUB., chld. – 950 RUB.

What's included

  • Hotel

    A Fontanka 3* 03.07-01.10 (double occupancy)

  • Breakfast

    2 Breakfast at hotel

  • Lunch

    1 lunch in the city cafe

  • Excursions

    According to the Program

  • Guide

    Guide services all tour days

  • Transport

    According to the Program


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