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Tour Around the lovely city Bishkek

1 day

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Bishkek / Bishkek


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30 September 2019


30 September 2019




12 to 60 year olds

Other Services

  • Ala Archa National Park

  • Cooking master class

  • Eagle hunting demonstration

  • Yurt(national house) master class

  • Felt Master class

  • Kok Boru national game


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  • Turkish

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Tour Around the lovely city Bishkek Tour Around the lovely city Bishkek Tour Around the lovely city Bishkek Tour Around the lovely city Bishkek Tour Around the lovely city Bishkek Tour Around the lovely city Bishkek


  • Day 1


    We invite you to join our one-day Bishkek city tour. We will start our tour from the most remarkable sights of the city, don’t miss the chance to learn the history and the culture of the Bishkek City and see the contrast of 3 histories that Kyrgyz people are living in now, that is Nomadic origin of Kyrgyz people, Soviet times along with the Modern time. You are going to start your Bishkek City tour from Victory Square, Gapar Aitiev’s Art Museum, Opera and Ballet Theatre, Oak Park, Monument of Kurmanjan Datka, Open air gallery, the Main Square Ala-Too, Monument of Friendship, Old square, Monument of Manas, and Philharmonic Concert Hall, all this sights are memory of Soviet period. You may also visit the famous souvenir shop “Tumar” or "Etnos".
    You will enjoy the Bishkek City tour which will last about 2 hours.

    Optional to visit Ala-Archa Park

    After we will go to National Park Ala-Archa, where we will dive into real natural fairytale. “Аlа” from Kyrgyz language means bright, colorful, and “аrcha” is a juniper. The whole gorge with surrounding mountains is covered with junipers, which change their colors depending on the season. In the winter time, after the snowing they turn into snow-white color, and in spring-summer time they change into juicy-green color. Ala-Archa Park was created to preserve natural environment, the endangered rare species of animals and plants, as well as to develop tourism and mountaineering as one of the main natural attractions near to Bishkek.

    Optional activities

    1. Felt Master class
    You can have a chance to see and learn how to make Felt products - in what kyrgyz people were highly skilled of. On a felt master class you can see how goods are made from felt and make for yourself small gifts like a rug or flowers by your own hands under the guidance of an experienced teacher. Felt master class is a very interesting activity, create your own souvenirs for your loved ones.

    2. Eagle hunting
    Eagle Hunting has a very long history - you can see the images of eagle hunting even on the rock carvings (petroglyphs). The eagle hunting is an integral part of Kyrgyz nomadic culture, nomads have hunted with eagles over the centuries and the part of this culture has remained till today. You will be able to see by yourself the demonstration of the eagle hunting to make memorable photos and videos of the hunting process and the golden eagle. The golden eagle is called berkut in Kyrgyz and is named after the golden feathers at the back of its head. The hunters are called berkutchi and are seen as the guardians of the nomadic hunting traditions.

    3. Kok Boru national game
    Kok-boru or another name Ulak tartysh in rough translation “tearing a goat”. Kok Boru – Traditional Kyrgyz Horseback Competition. Riders of two teams are fighting for the goat, which must be thrown into the opponent's goal. "Match" of Kok Boru lasts 60 minutes and consists of three periods of 20 minutes. Between them there are breaks lasting 10 minutes.

    4. National dishes Cooking master class
    Plov is a national dish of the people of Central Asia. Plov is considered to be one of the most delicious dishes, and its preparation is taken seriously and leisurely. Plov has a lot of regional variations any Central asian woman know how to cook plov, and will always respond with confidence “Yes, I can” .

    5. Yurt master class
    A yurt is a portable, circular dwelling made of a lattice of flexible poles and covered in felt or other fabric. They are a sturdy, reliable type of tent. Yurts have been the primary style of home in Central Asia, particularly Mongolia, for thousands of years. On the yurt master class you will learn the names of the elements of the yurt, and their meanings, Also you will explore on which parts the internal part of the yurt is divided. A yurt is collected in 15 minutes if there are a lot of people, so let's join.

What's included

  • Transport

  • Water

  • Guide

  • Excursions


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