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Payment & Cancellation

Cancellations and Amendments Policy

The full version of cancellations and amendments policy is presented in the TravelHub’s Terms and Conditions in paragraph 4. Please, read all the Terms and Conditions.


Cancellations and Amendments

i. Amendments need to be done through new bookings.

ii. A fee will apply for all bookings cancelled after the Cancellation Deadline up to the check-in date.

iii. Bookings may be amended or cancelled after the Cancellation Deadline if the Tour Package is available and booking conditions allow.

iv. If a booking is cancelled or amended after the Cancellation Deadline, the additional booking charge will be displayed on the screen prior to booking acceptance. On acceptance, the booking will be cancelled or amended and an invoice will automatically be generated for the additional charges. The cancellation charge will be deducted from the payment made on booking and the remaining balance will be available for future bookings.

v. Bookings may not be cancelled or amended after the date the Customer is intended to check in or utilise the Tour Package. Any such requests must be directly referred to our Bookings Department in writing and will incur additional charges.

vi. No Shows (i.e. Customers who have made a booking but fail to utilise the Tour Package(s) will be charged 100% of the cost of the Tour Package(s)).

This cancellations and amendments policy can be changed. Please try to read it time to time.