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Song Kul Lake Tour

2 days

≈ $230 per day





Song Kol / Chon -Tuz


2 (Song Kol, Chon -Tuz)


Culture & History


Fixed date


01 June 2019


02 June 2019




7 to 70 year olds

Guide's Language

  • English
  • Russian

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  • Day 1

    Song Kol

    The tour starts early in the morning. Our guide will meet you from earlier agreed spot.
    Your first stop at the Burana Tower - today it is the heritage of UNESCO and Kyrgyzstan as one of the Great Silk Road sight. Burana itself is a tower-minaret, was built in the 10th-12th centuries under the Karakhanids. You will have an unforgettable excursion in the entire complex territory, visiting the museum and a panoramic view from the Tower itself. Concerning the tower, you will also learn some legends regarding the meaning of the symbols on the walls and stone monuments around the area. In addition to the tower, you will also be able to see the balbals (stone gravers) that are located around and were created by the ancient Turkic tribes. This whole trip around the territory will help you to move into the atmosphere of the 12th century and see firsthand the most ancient artefacts.
    After you will continue trip through the Boom Gorge it is a kind of a thread that connects the three regions - Chui, Issyk-Kul and Naryn. On the road, you can enjoy beautiful views of high mountains - somewhere steep and rocky, as well as the rapid flow of the Chu River.
    You will stop for lunch in of the local cafes.
    The next stop will be at the water reservoir Orto-Tokoy. Which is a perfect photo stop for watching and picturing amazing views.
    Then you will continue towards Song-Kol with the stop in Kochkor village, where you can also visit openbazaar there to shop for some snacks and drinks, as in the mountain you will be limited with the choice.
    Also you will have another stop in the mountains for spring water tasting. It is a beautiful area with its flora and fauna, and if you will be lucky you can observe yuks there (wild cows).
    The destination of the first day of the tour will be the mountain lake Song-Kul. The lake lies on an alpine mountain plain surrounded by meadows (jailoo) at an altitude of 2016 m above the sea level. It is the second largest lake in Kyrgyzstan after Issyk-Kul lake. Since the ancient times till nowadays the area around the lake services for the local people as summer pasture (jailoo), where shepherds spend time during the summer. During the winter time the lake is difficult to access and there is almost nobody in the area. Pristine water, fresh air, nomadic lifestyle experience, amazing views, disconnection from the civilisation, opportunity to communicate with local people and horse riding is just amazing experiences worth of taking the tour to Song-Kul. You will be also able to try the life-giving drink from mare's milk "Kymyz" made by the local people. Because of the fantastically untouched nature, the purest air, aromatic and fragrant herbs, crystal clear glacial waters, Kymyz turns out to be the best, with a whole bouquet of aromas. Sometimes local people just come here for Kymyz treatment, as it is a good way of cleansing. The temperature in the nights can goes minus even during the summer, so we recommend you to have work clothes even though the your will be heated.
    Overnight stay in the Yurt Camp.

  • Day 2

    Chon -Tuz

    Breakfast in the morning. On the second day you will have the chance of walking along the shore of the Song-Kul, some of you can be so brave even to swim, others can enjoy horse riding or watching and talking with local people and children, while they are playing different games. Lunch will be served at one of the local yurts, where you can enjoy Kyrgyz national food. After lunch, you will return to Bishkek.
    The road leads through very picturesque places. On the way, you will visit the salt cave Chong-Tuz. Salt cave is located in a mountain, the total length of natural and artificial walks is 2.5 kilometers. In a cave, you can find a lake of 80 meters in depth and find the walls with the salt icicles. This place is used to be resort for respiratory and allergic illness treatment. Today it is one of the touristic attraction that worth to visit during the trip.
    On the way back to Bishkek, the driver will stop in Boom Gorge for a biological break and if you want you can buy some food. In the late evening, you will arrive at the city of Bishkek.
    Optional: Horse riding and National games (Kok boru, Kyz Kuumai)

What's included

  • Transport

  • Hostel

    Stay in Yurts

  • Excursions

    Burana Tower ; Boom Gorge; Water reservoir Orto - Tokoy; Lake Son - Kol; Salted Cave “‘Chon - Tuz”

  • Meals(B,L,D)

    Breakfast, 1 Lunch, 1 Dinner

  • Guide

    French, German speaking on request

  • Water


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