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Amazing Khevsuretia

9 days

≈ $78 per day





Tbilisi / Tbilisi


8 (Tbilisi, Shatili, Khevsureti, Kutaisi, Megrelia, Chiatura, Mtskheta, Tbilisi)


Culture & History


Any day


22 January 2019


30 January 2019




5 to 70 year olds

Other Services

  • Extra payment for single accommodation

  • Funicular in Tbilisi (one way)

  • Karst cave Sataplia

  • The Martvill Canyon

  • Okatse Canyon

  • Kinckha Canyon Jeep Trip


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  • Russian

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  • Day 1

    Arrival in Tbilisi. Transfer from airport and accommodation at hotel from 14:00.

  • Day 2

    Let's get acquainted with Georgian capital. Trinity Cathedral - largest Orthodox church in Georgia and third largest in the world. Narikala fortress on top of mountain from where magnificent city view is offered. The oldest region of Sulphur baths Abanotubani, where in the middle of squat buildings-domes raises majestic Blue Bath trimmed with tiles. We’ll also explore other main sights of Tbilisi. For additional fee: the opportunity to enjoy evening in Georgian restaurant where Georgian cuisine, wine, chacha and dances are waiting for us!
    Night in Tbilisi.

  • Day 3

    Breakfast at hotel.
    Today we are heading to one of the ancient and beautiful corners of Georgia, Khevsureti. On the way, we pass turquoise mirror of Zhinvali water reservoir with its peninsulas and bays, creating unique panorama. From here begins a 100-kilometer way to Shatili, main settlement of Khevsureti region. Visit Korsha Ethnographic Museum. We’ll overcome Datais Jvari (Bear Cross 2677 m.), Lebaskari village, Kistani. We’ll see Shatili village-fortress. Centuries-old towers and houses surprise visitors! There are stunningly beautiful landscapes, special atmosphere, unusual architecture, traditions and way of life of highlanders. Shatili is unique place and it is protected by UNESCO. This is real open-air museum! Dinner and night in Shatili guest house.

  • Day 4

    Breakfast in guest house.
    Let's go further to explore Khevsureti. Village of death Anatori, is place where no one lives for long time. Anatory village inhabitants died in XVIII century due to epidemic. There are many cemeteries by road. Following ancient custom, on learning about disease villagers took refuge there, while waiting for death. Anatori burial ground. Further our way goes to Mutso fortress locating on northern slope of Caucasian ridge in Ardotiskali River gorge (1880 m.) This fortress is built on vertical terraces of rock, where are up to 30 residential buildings, 4 military castles, among them famous Torgva fortress. Towers are interconnected by powerful walls, roofs and stairs. Mutso is erected so that on one hand it is single complex - fortress that served as protection for all its inhabitants. And at same time, inside it, as separate cells, there are residential houses; each of them also looks like a small fortification in large castle surrounded by wall with fortress towers. Picnic in nature. Return to Tbilisi. Night in Tbilisi.

  • Day 5

    Breakfast at hotel.
    Today we will go to the west of Georgia. Kutaisi is one of the oldest cities in the world, ancient capital of mythical Colchis. It is mentioned in myth of Argonauts and Golden Fleece. This city is parliamentary capital of Georgia.
    On mountain, amidst wild vegetation, near picturesque canyon, very close to Kutaisi, monastery Motsameta hid. Within its walls lie martyrs David and Constantine relics. They fell to perish in the name of Christ faith, and they still give people hope. Ark with saints’ relics is in monastery main temple. According to custom, ark itself is necessary to bypass 3 times through a small passage. It is believed that in this way all desires conceived in monastery's temple will be realized.
    Continue our fairy tale; visit Sataplia nature reserve, skilfully hidden in mountains, which is famous for stalactites and stalagmites (accumulated over thousands of years). In underground caves illuminated with colourful lights, a magical fairy-tale underground kingdom is created, and we also see real traces of ancient reptiles. We'll get to viewing platform with transparent bottom to tickle nerves and take several photos in white soft slippers (on site you need to change shoes).
    And now it's time to visit real Georgian family, where hospitable hosts are waiting for us with delicious food, wine and Georgian dances. A GIFT FROM GEORGIA TRAVEL RSP - DINNER WITH DANCES IN GEORGIAN FAMILY IN KUTAISI. Night in Kutaisi.

  • Day 6

    Breakfast at hotel.
    Our today’s way takes us to one of the most beautiful regions of Georgia - Megrelia. We’ll visit Martvil Monastery built in 6th-7th centuries. Later on little boats we will enjoy Martvilli canyon, admiring its steep rocks and waterfalls. Water here flows from mountains; it is clean, transparent and very cold.
    Walk about the trees! Okatse canyon is one of the most beautiful places in Georgia. There you can walk in forest and on bridge 50 meters above canyon. The views and landscapes are really impressive. So, get ready for exiting journey! Not far from canyon Okatse is Kinchkha waterfall which is almost 100 meters high and while it flows down it makes little oasis in the river valley. It has crystal clear cool water, where you can swim and relax after taking adrenaline dose in Okatse Canyon. Night in Kutaisi.

  • Day 7

    Breakfast at the hotel.
    Today in our plans is Chiatura, a manganese mining town in Georgia, 113 miles from Tbilisi, and built around a deep gorge. The means of transportation here are not buses and trams, but cable cars. Georgia has its own Meteor; it is Katz Pillar Monastery, which is very similar to mountain monasteries of Meteora in Thessaly province (Greece), which are also built on inaccessible rocks. It is symbolic that these monasteries represent place of heaven and earth union.
    Mgvimevi monastery is rare place, not every traveller in Georgia knows about this 13th century sightseeing, "hidden" in large rock cave. In cave there are underground springs flowing down the rock. Night in Tbilisi.

  • Day 8

    Breakfast at hotel.
    At the end of our trip we will visit ancient capital of Georgia Mtskheta, holy place for every Georgian. Mtskheta has been Georgia's spiritual heart since Christianity was established here about 327, and holds near-mystical significance in Georgian culture. For this ancient city is called "Second Jerusalem".
    The Svetitskhoveli Cathedral is Eastern Orthodox cathedral located here. Masterpiece of Early Middle Ages, it is recognized by UNESCO as World Heritage Site. It is currently second largest cathedral in Georgia, after Holy Trinity Cathedral. Samtavro monastery complex - former residence of Mtskheta lords is burial and coronation site of Georgian royal family. The first Christian King, Mirian and his wife Nana are buried here.
    We’ll climb to top of mountain to Jvari monastery, from where opens amazing picture of two rivers confluence -Mtkvari and Aragvi. It is first Georgian object, inscribed in UNESCO World Heritage List and dating 545 year. "If you were not in Mtskheta, you were not in Georgia" - there is even such saying. Night in Tbilisi.

  • Day 9

    Breakfast at hotel. Check out before 12:00. Airport transfer.

What's included

  • Hotel

    Accommodation in double rooms of 3 star hotel in Tbilisi (5 nights), guest house in Shatili (1 night) and guest house Kutaisi (2 nights), with breakfast;

  • Transfer

    all mentioned transfers during tour

  • Transport

    Transportation costs (transfer from airport to hotel and back

  • Excursions

    Excursions to all specified places.

  • Guide

    Services of English-speaking guide - team leader;


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