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Osh City walking tour

1 day

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Osh / Osh


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17 January 2019


17 January 2019




1 to 76 year olds

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сулайман тоо suleiman_too_sunset ош


  • Day 1

    After breakfast, your guide will pick you up from your hotel and you will go to explore the second capital of Kyrgyzstan -Osh city.

    Start your Osh city walking tour with Lepeshka master class(national bread) it will be your small snack. Lepeshka(Flapjack) is a national Kyrgyz bread that is baked in a special oven called the Tandyr.

    After Lepeshka master class
    you will head to the Central Square and “Big Lenin” statue it is one of the largest Lenin statues in the world. The Lenin Monument in Osh should attract attention of those who interested in history of Soviet period.

    The holy mountain Suleiman-Too.
    Sulaiman-Too Mountain dominates the surrounding landscape of the Fergana Valley and forms the backdrop to the city of Osh. In mediaeval times Osh was one of the largest cities of the fertile Fergana valley at the crossroads of important routes on the Central Asian Silk Roads system, and Sulaiman-Too was a kind of lighthouse for travellers.

    Sulaiman Too Mosque
    The Takhti – Suleiman mosque is located in Osh city, on top of the Suleiman-Too mountain, towering in the city center. The unipolar mosque is located at an altitude of 150 meters. The name Tahti – means Suleiman’s throne. The mosque was built by Sultan Mahmud-Khan and the ruler of the state of Mogulistan at the end of the 15th century. According to ancient legends the prophet Suleiman prayed on the site of a stone slab and Sultan Mahmud Khan built a cell for himself on this place. Later the cell became mosque

    You will have lunch in the local cafe and after you will start second part of Osh city walking tour with Asaf ibn Burhia Mausoleum.

    There is a famous place of Muslim pilgrimage - the Mausoleum of Asaf ibn Burkhia which is located at the southeastern foot of the sacred mountain Sulayman-Too. A mausoleum was named after the Tsar Suleiman's vizier. According to legend, he bequeathed to bury himself at the foot of this mountain.
    Further you will continue your Osh City walking tour in the park.

    Memorials in Zadnepetrovskogo Park
    In the Square Zadneprovsky, you will see a number of important monuments near the biggest monument of Lenin, known as the "Complex of Memorials" - which recognise important events, paying tribute to the local people who gave their lives.

    The Russian Orthodox Church.
    Named after the Archangel Michael, this Russian Orthodox cathedral was established in 1877, and enlarged in the 1909, in which Russian soldiers and migrants were received

    Osh bazaar
    “Zhaima”, a huge eastern market, stretched for a kilometer along the western bank of the Ak-Bura River. You will find everything you want: food, clothes, household goods, textiles, souvenirs, and even cattles.

    End of Osh city walking tour.

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