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Birds of Prey festival

3 days

≈ $167 per day





Bishkek - Bokonbaevo / Bokonbaevo - Bishkek


3 (Bishkek - Bokonbaevo, Bokonbaevo, Bokonbaevo - Bishkek)


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Fixed date


09 August 2019


11 August 2019




0 to 85 year olds

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Birds of Prey festival Birds of Prey festival Birds of Prey festival Birds of Prey festival Birds of Prey festival


  • Day 1

    Bishkek - Bokonbaevo

    Our tour will start from the city of Bishkek - this is the capital of Kyrgyzstan. We will drive to the Issyk-Kul region where the festival will be held and it will take one day to get to the destination. On the way there we will stop in Tokmok city in order to look at the ancient Burana tower that the name itself means a tower taken from the Kyrgyz word Munara. You will try to climb to the very top of the tower, not all go up there, because the stairs are not quite ordinary, but when you rise to a height of 21 meters you will see balbals. Balbals are stone sculptures closely related to the burial rite of nomads. After a tour of Burana, you will go to Issyk-Kul through the picturesque 22 km long Boom gorge. The name Boom, literally meaning "evil spirit", was given to the gorge because the passage through it posed many difficulties and trials. But in 1871–1873, a path was laid along the lines of the river and its curves. On the road there are statues of snow leopards, golden eagles and deer, occasionally you can see preserved statues of pioneers. Numerous cafes along the way give tourists the opportunity to relax from the road and eat, we will visit one of these for lunch.

    Arrive to yurt camp in Bokonbaevo
    Have dinner

  • Day 2


    After the opening ceremony of the festival, you will see the whole culture of the Kyrgyz people, how the Kyrgyz dressed, how they were entertained and what games they played,
    National dance
    Exhibition of national dress
    National games with tourists
    Yurt installation show
    Folklore concert program
    Felt show
    Horse games
    Interview with eagle men
    40 minutes you can take a picture with the eagle and talk to an eagle hunter
    Eagle hunting demonstration
    Final dance all together - Kara Jorgo

  • Day 3

    Bokonbaevo - Bishkek

    After breakfast, you will go to the Canyon Skazka (Fairytale). A canyon is an amazing place where sandy red formations take various fabulous forms.
    Soft rocks of different shades are very flexible to the action of external forces. After the next rain, the relief of the Fairytale can really change noticeably. And shades of colors on the slopes of the canyon can change dramatically and with strong gusts of wind. Moreover, staying in the Fairytale with complete calm and clear skies from morning till night, the observer every hour will discover new details of the landscape. They will be differently illuminated by the movement of the sun in the sky and the movement of shadows on the ground. Walking along this gorge during the rest on Issyk-Kul brings not only aesthetic pleasure but also unity with nature. With care, you take every step so as not to disrupt the creation of the Creator. These blocks impress with their uniqueness and grandeur.

    Start drive to Bishkek

What's included

  • Hostel

    Accommodation in Bokonbaevo (Yurt)

  • Meals(B,L,D)

    2 B, 3 L, 3 D

  • Transport

  • Water


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