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Gastronomic Tour

6 days

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Baku / Baku


5 (Baku, Ateshgyah, Shemakha, Sheki, Baku)


Culture & History


Any day


15 November 2019


20 November 2019




5 to 70 year olds

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Gastronomic Tour Gastronomic Tour Gastronomic Tour


  • Day 1


    Meeting at the airport
    Transfer to the hotel. Hotel accommodation. Depending on the arrival of the group, we can organize a dinner in the restaurant (for extra an charge)

  • Day 2


    Day of dushbara, saj ichi, Kebab and Gutab
    Breakfast in the hotel
    Excursion to Sights of ancient and modern Baku. We start learning Azerbaijan from a tour of the city of Baku, acquaint with Baku Boulevard and a walk on a boat along the Bay of Baku (possible with good weather conditions). Baku Seaside Boulevard is one of Baku's attractions, a favourite place for recreation of Baku residents and guests of the city.
    Visiting the FIRST oil well in the world. The tour ends with a stop at the Center. Heydar Aliyev (independent visit).
    Lunch at the restaurant, Main course: Dushbara and Sadji Ichi. Dushbara. This is a classic soup, indigenous in Baku.
    Excursion to Old City (Icheri Sheher). You will visit the Old Fortress in Baku with the Palace of the Shirvanshahs and the Maiden Tower.
    The inner city, which is called Icheri Sheher - the 12th century, retained most of its protective wall. Maiden Tower of the XII century, the Palace of the Shirvanshahs of the XV century, Sinyk Gala Castle, Karavan Saray, Juma Mosque - this is not a complete list of old Baku attractions.
    Free time.
    Dinner at the restaurant Tongal: Master Class on cooking shish kebab and kutaba "Shashlyk (Lulya-Kebab)" is, in fact, small pieces of meat from mutton fried in braziers. "Kutab" is an Azerbaijani dish made from thinly rolled dough, which is shortly prepared on a convex frying pan known as a sage. Traditionally, there are green, meat and offal, cottage cheese and pumpkin, and many other options, even with camel meat.
    Overnight at the hotel.

  • Day 3


    Day of buglama, jyz-byza, kutum and trout.
    Breakfast in the hotel
    Excursion to Gala - Archaeological Ethnographic Museum Complex. The territory of the reserve covering 156 hectares, it is dated to the period from III millennium BC. before the 20th century, burial mounds, crypts, houses, water storage facilities, ruins of an ancient castle, mosques, 3 baths and so on. Excursion to Ateshgah - Temple of Fire-worshipers - Janar Dag. Probably, the most popular and exotic landmark of Azerbaijan is the Temple of Perpetual Fire Ateshgyah. His fame goes far beyond the city of Baku. On the place where this temple stands, natural gas comes out of the earth, natural contact with oxygen.
    Lunch at the restaurant Ateshgyah, Main course: Buglama and Jyz-Byz. "Buglama" in the Middle Ages this dish was invented by shepherds. One day they decided to make dinner, slaughtered the lamb, cut the meat into pieces, put everything in the cauldron and added to the dish the ingredients that were at hand, onion, tomatoes, pepper, then put on a fire to steam. The dish was boiled for a long time and the smell of it enveloped the whole district. So it turned out our favourite dish Buglama.
    Visiting Yanar Dag ("Burning Mountain") is another unique object of the ancient country of lights. A natural eternal flame burning from ancient times on the hillside. The meter flame is about ten meters wide.
    Free time. Dinner at the Fish Restaurant, Main Course: Kutum and Trout. "Kutum" Also known as the Caspian White Fish. Yes, to find kutum in Azerbaijan is not a problem, the Caspian Sea is the birthplace of this fish. Typically, fried, baked or fried fish is served with a thick pomegranate paste called "Narsharab", which is actually a pomegranate juice cooked over low heat until it becomes thick and dark (sold in bottles). Fish flakes are immersed in this tart syrup. If you can not find it, do not worry, the freshly squeezed lemon juice over your fish will be just as good. Overnight at the hotel.

  • Day 4


    Day of dolma, syabzi pilaf and dash aras
    Breakfast in the hotel
    Departure to Shemakha.
    Moving along the route Shamakhy - Muganlina Pass - Ismayilli - Gabala
    Departure to Lahic . Lahic is the copper kingdom of Azerbaijan, the centre of ancient crafts, the state historical and cultural reserve of the XV-XIX centuries, which is included in the international tourist route "Great Silk Road".
    Lunch at Uncle Dadash's, Main dish: Dolma and Syabzi Plov

    "Dolma" No Azerbaijani table is filled without stuffed grape leaves, dolma or yarpag dolmass. They are small pieces of deliciousness, in which tender leaves of grapes (fresh or canned) are wrapped around a fragrant filling made of chopped meat, onion, rice, herbs and seasoning.
    "Syabzi Plov" There are several kinds of pilaf in the Azerbaijan cuisine. The most popular of these is the Syabzi Plov (rice with fried meat and herbs). The main use of grass in the Syabzi Plov is called "Kyavar", this is the Azerbaijani name of Chinese leek or garlic. The aroma of this exotic is more like garlic than onion and is widely used not only in the eastern cuisine but also in the Middle Eastern cuisine. Without Kyavar, Syabzi Plov will lose its unique taste.
    Departure to Gabala.
    Excursion in the Gabala district. Waterfalls of 7 beauties, Lake Noor, a historical museum.
    Near the village of NIJ, on the mountain, YALOILO archaeologists have found an ancient settlement. The archaeological culture found here is typical of the northern regions of Azerbaijan and was called the "culture of Yaloelu tepe". Here weapons from iron, bronze and gold items, stone millstones, etc. were found.
    Visit to the winery "Aspi winery" and wine tasting "Savalan": It is here, far from the noise of the industrial civilization - in the heart of the Savalan Plain, surrounded by the Turian River tea - these wine growers laboriously cultivate the land and produce wines that can satisfy the taste of the most demanding lovers. Dinner in the restaurant, Main course: Shish kebab in the oven (Dash arasy)
    Overnight at the hotel.

  • Day 5


    Breakfast in the hotel
    Departure to Sheki
    Sheki, one of the beautiful cities of Azerbaijan, which is located in the southern part of the Great Caucasus. He took his name from the name of the Saka tribe, who lived on these lands in ancient times. The words "Sheki" formed from "Saka" - "Shaka". Gradually, this word was transformed into Shaka - Sheka - Shaki and finally Sheki. Excursion to the palace of Sheki Khans
    In Sheki, many historical monuments have been preserved. And the Palace of Sheki Khans is especially beautiful among them. It was built in 1761-62 as the summer residence of Hussein Khan Mushtad, who was the grandson of Haji Celebi. Inimitable in its beauty, the two-storeyed building of the palace stuns with the splendour of its decoration, both external and internal.
    Excursion to the village of Kish and Marhal.
    Lunch at the Chelebi Khan restaurant. "Petey" "Piti" This is a national Azerbaijani lamb soup, which is usually cooked in special clay pots in special wall plates. Even you are a person who does not eat chickpeas, will eat a whole plate, leaving nothing on the plate. This is an unforgettable taste, and you will always remember this. 16:00 Departure to the city of Baku. Overnight at hotel Baku.

  • Day 6


    Breakfast in the hotel
    Free time, shopping, visiting souvenir shops.
    Airport transfer.

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  • Hotel

    Extension of stay: Booking extra. nights or a package of 8 days / 7 nights. 3 * hotels in Baku: Qiz Qalasi, Diplomat, Nemi or similar 4 * hotels in Baku: Anatolia, Smith, Austin or similar 5 * hotels in Baku: Pullman, Sapphire, Rich or similar 3 * hotel in Gabala: Yeddi Gozal 4 * hotel in Gabala: Qafqaz Karvansaray 5 * hotel in Gabala: Qafqaz Sport

  • Transfer

    Transfer: Airport-Hotel-Airport

  • Transport

    Transport service according to the program

  • Excursions

    Excursions for the program Visiting wineries and wine tasting

  • Breakfast

    5 breakfasts

  • Guide

  • Lunch

    4 lunches

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    3 dinners


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