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Trekking around Golden ring of Altai

8 days

≈ $87 per day





Barnaul - Uch-enmek / Barnaul


8 (Barnaul - Uch-enmek, Uch-enmek - Aktru, Blue lake, Altai Mars, Aktash, Uchar waterfall, Teletskoye lake, Barnaul)




Fixed date


22 October 2019


29 October 2019




14 to 80 year olds

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  • Day 1

    Barnaul - Uch-enmek

    Barnaul - Gorno Altaisk - Barangol - Uch-Enmek Natural Park (auto 500/200 km).
    Group meeting. Transfer to Barangol village and further to the natural park. The road goes along the famous Chui tract, passes through the Seminsky pass and descends into the valley of the Ursul river.
    Accommodation on the territory of the Uch-Enmek ethnic village in tents or wooden houses - for 2-6 people, optionally to order a sauna.

  • Day 2

    Uch-enmek - Aktru

    Uch-Enmek - with. Aktash - with. Kurai - Aktru climbing camp (auto 250 km).
    The next pass on the way is Chike-Taman which means "Flat feet" the height of the pass is 1460 m, but because of its steepness, it seems to be much higher. Throughout the Chui tract, you will explore a huge number of interesting places. In the village of Kurai, you will leave the Chui tract and then go along the impassable road till the Pass.

    Start trekking along the river Aktru, passage to the alpine camp is about 10 km (2000 m. Above sea level). This beautiful place has been inhabited, the oldest camp in Altai working here since 1938. Here is also the base of the rescue detachment of the Ministry of Emergency Situations.
    Accommodation in tents or wooden houses in the mountain camp Aktru for 2-4 people
    Optionally you can order a sauna.

  • Day 3

    Blue lake

    Today you will have an amazing walking tour along the Aktru River, past the “sheep foreheads”, further up along the Big Aktru glacier to Blue Lake (2840 m), the lake is called "Blue" in fact, it is a beautiful greenish-turquoise color. The water in the lake is + 2 degrees, but there are a lot of people who want also feel the beauty of this lake. During the good weather, there is a magnificent view of the surrounding peaks.
    Return to the recreation center.

  • Day 4

    Altai Mars

    You will leave the camp and a couple of hours later you will be in the already familiar Kurai steppe. In a moment you will move through the river and find yourself on another planet - on Mars. It named as "Altai Mars" because the valleys of the Kyzylchin and Chagan-Uzun rivers can rightly be considered as real natural reserves of the modern history of the mountains. Rocks of different epochs here are fairly well naked, which makes it possible to explore.

  • Day 5


    On this day, you will find a fascinating journey to the river Chulyshman. On the way, the Red Gate, the Dead Lake, the Pazyryk kurgans are a chain of 5 mounds representing the burials of the 6-7th centuries. BC. noble nomads, tribal leaders. Next, you will pass Katu-Yaryk. You will enjoy a magnificent bird's-eye view of the beautiful valley of the river. Chulyshman. Descent from the pass - on foot - about 3 km. Lunch and overnight already on the bank. Chulyshman.
    Accommodation in tents or wooden houses of the camping "Stone Mushrooms" for 2-6 people, facilities on the territory, it is possible to order a sauna.

  • Day 6

    Uchar waterfall

    Start your trekking to the largest waterfall of Altai - Chulchinsky or Uchar. This waterfall flies down with great speed and breaking on giant stones. It is so noisy that you can not hear even the shout and the water mist around. The height of the waterfall is more than 160 meters. The trail crosses debris, rocky clips and streams. It is necessary to follow security arrangements, especially in rainy weather. Return to the camp.

  • Day 7

    Teletskoye lake

    Crossing to the right bank of the river Chulyshman. Access to the "Stone Mushrooms". It remains to be surprised that, these unstable “mushrooms” are the size of a three-story house have survived to our time. Return to the left bank, have a snack. After lunch, drive to Lake Teletskoye.
    Overnight stay in tents or cottages of the camping “Kirsai” for 2-6 people, optionally to order a sauna.

  • Day 8


    Today you will walk on Lake Teletskoye on a boat. Teletskoye Lake is one of the main sights and mysteries of the Altai Mountains. There is a reason why the locals call it Altyn-Kul, which means -Golden Lake. Not to visit the lake means not to see the Altai Mountains. Visit Corbu Falls.
    There is a bus in the village of Artybash, moving to Barangol. Sauna and Farewell dinner.
    Departure to Barnaul then to the airport of Gorno-Altaisk. In the morning of the next day, you must book your stay in Barangol for one night. The cost of living is not included in the tour price.

What's included

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  • Meals(B,L,D)

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    Depending on the number of tourists in the group: minibus, bus.

  • Guide

    Guide services instructor Rental equipment provided by the program Recreational fees

  • Medical Insurance


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